Fashion Show

Who decides our identity? As we go through life, we struggle to negotiate our connection to group identities and the need to express our own individual identities. Often, society assigns us inaccurate or uncomfortable social identities on the basis of our backgrounds, skin color, or religious beliefs. In the Social Identity Fashion Show, students walk down the runway in two outfits: the first represents the assumptions that society makes about them. The second represents the identities that are most powerful and important to them.

Applications are now OPEN for our 6th Annual Fashion Show on Wednesday, April 18th, 2018!

Fashion Show Info Sheet 2017-18

Model Application Form 2017-2018

Designer/Stylist Application Form 2017-2018

Combined Application 2017-2018 (if you are interested in modeling and also designing someone)


**Models must be QC students, however, Designers can be from anywhere!**

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