CERRU runs two competitive student fellowships, which are the backbone of the organization. Through these two fellowships, we mentor and train a next generation of leaders who will be operating in an increasingly multicultural world.

The Undoing Bias Fellowships allows students to explore the origins of inequality in the United States and how to resist in their personal and professional spheres. Students in our Undoing Bias (formerly Dialogue) Fellowship enter a yearlong program in which they gain the following:

  1. Greater understanding of systems of bias and oppression fundamental to US development.
  2. An introduction to one’s own implicit and explicit biases and how they correlate to systems of bias.
  3. Language to collectively and singularly resist microaggressions and macroaggresions
  4. Tools for engaging in non-violent communication

The Social Organizing fellowship is a year-long fellowship which recruits small groups of students who are passionate about a specific social challenge, and want to do something about it. The social organizing program provides students with modest financial support and skills to bring about changes with the communities they reside in.


Undoing Bias Fellowship –  Click HERE

Application Due: by April 28th by 11:59pm

Social Organizing Fellowship – Click HERE

Application Due: May 5th by 11:59pm


CERRU Spotlight

Innovation Exchange

Each year, CERRU brings together innovators in various fields to participate in a campus and community wide Innovation Exchange. Please join us for our fifth annual Innovation Exchange on Wednesday, November 2nd at 4:45pm in the Patio Room on the Queens College Campus.

Lunchtime 2.0

Lunchtime 2.0 is an initiative aimed at redefining the way we think of college cafeterias. Campuses across the US are becoming more diverse; however, not enough is being done to provide a mechanism for diverse students to engage and listen to each other.

Upcoming Events

CERRU encourages students to become cross-cultural leaders, faculty & staff to partner with us in your class, and communities to engage in our programming. Join Us for Our Upcoming Events!

Our Impact

Our Impact

To date, we have done intensive training with one hundred fifteen highly motivated leaders on the Queens College campus. The cohort has been as...


Over 470 students, staff, faculty, and community members attended CERRU events and trainings during the 2015-2016 academic year.


CERRU engages in several forms of research. First and foremost, we evaluate our student programs to ensure that our practices remain relevant and useful....