Training & Workshops

CERRU offers a series of experientially based fee based and free workshops per semester. The series serves the purpose of providing the campus and larger community with tools for having difficult conversations, navigating conflicts surrounding diversity, and having and experiencing a variety of dialogues.

We have two sets of workshops. One serves as an introduction into our techniques and the other takes a deeper dive. Participants may choose to attend as many or as few trainings and workshops as interest them, however, we recommend completeing the Conversations for Engagement certificate and/or the Communication and Debiasing Workshop Series.
Conversations for Engagement Certificate

What is it? The Conversations for Engagement Certificate is an opportunity for those who may not be able to commit to our year long-Dialogue Fellowship which meets every week, or, are not otherwise eligible to apply for the Fellowship. Completing the certificate increases your skills in navigating difficult conversations, increases understanding of existing bias, and exposes participants to issues of importance in current events.

Why do I want this? We have heard alumni from our program speak about the ways in which their work with CERRU has benefited them in their careers. Additionally, during job and internship interviews, our organizational affiliation has stood out on alumni resumes. The Conversations for Engagement Certificate offers the opportunity to gain some of the skills practiced in the Dialogue Fellowship and recognition of being part of the CERRU alumni network.

Eligibility: Everyone, students, staff, faculty, and community members alike are welcome to participate in CERRU workshops and dialogues.  Eligibility for the Conversations for Engagement Certificate is based upon meeting all of the requirements listed above, a 2-page final exit paper, and short discussion with a CERRU staff member to gauge the effect of participating in the certificate program.

Those interested in completing the Conversations for Engagement Certificate must complete the following within the academic school year:
  1. Crucial Conversations workshop (offered every semester)
  2. Interrogating Bias workshop (offered every semester)
  3. Two elective workshops (there will be two elective workshops offered each semester for a total of four)
  4. The Innovation Exhange or Innovation Exchange related event (all three will be offered in the Fall)
  5. One dialogue (there will be two dialogues offered in the Spring)
  6. Short reflective writing piece and/or exit interview


Monday, September 11th, 12:15 – 1:30pm
Open Workshop #1: Crucial Conversations Introduction 
Monday, October 2nd, 12:15 – 1:30pm
Open Workshop #2: Interrogating Bias Introduction 
The week of October 30th – Date/Time TBA
Innovation Exchange Satellite Programming: Stating the Facts: Collaborative Fact Sheet Development for Current Administration
Monday, November 5th, 12:15-1:30pm
Open Workshop #3: (Innovation Exchange Satellite Programming) Upstander & De-escalation Techniques Workshop
Wednesday, November 15th, 5-9pm
Innovation Exchange – Trump’s First Year: Impressions From Across the Political Landscape
(More dates to come!)

Per request, we also offer the following (please suggest other workshops you would like to see!)

  • Understanding Boundaries: Consent Training
  • Introduction to Participatory Action Research
  • Fashioning our Identities
  • Cultural Appropriation: An Exploration of Popular Culture and Power


Communication and Debiasing Professional Training Series 
CERRU has been providing communication tools to students, faculty and the wider community. We offer experiential workshops to support universities, organizations, community groups, and corporations in having difficult conversations and addressing implicit bias and microaggressions while centering nonviolent communication strategies.
We center experiential learning in our practice because we find that it helps information to be retained at a higher rate and assists participants in staying engaged with the material. Author, Gail Sheehy suggests “With each passage of human growth we must shed a protective structure. We are left exposed and vulnerable – but also yeasty and embryonic again, capable of stretching in ways we hadn’t known before.” Come prepared to stretch in new ways, be in community, and share authentically and vulnerably.
Workshop fees are offered on a sliding scale basis (fees are below). Participants who pay through an organization must pay the organizational fee, which is our maximum fee. However, if the cost is prohibitive to your participation, please contact Aysa Gray at To save on Eventbrite fees, please contact directly to book.
One Workshop
$60-$150 (Includes breakfast & lunch)
Four Workshop Series Package
$200 – $560 (Includes breakfast & lunch)
Crucial Conversations: TBA
Facilitating Conflict: Sunday, October 15th, 2017
Interrogating Bias: Sunday, February 25th, 2018
Crucial Conversations: Microaggressions: Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Workshop Time Table: 9-4:30pm
Breakfast 9am-9:30am
Lunch 12:30-1:30pm



Crucial Conversations
Ever wanted to talk to your family about your sexuality, ask your boss for a raise, speak to your significant other about a reoccurring issue? Join us for our single-day crucial conversation signature workshop. Crucial conversations are difficult and important conversations people often shy away from having or have in explosive and destructive ways. The workshop is designed for people of all levels to gain greater awareness and practice in tools that support honest and nonviolent conversation on important topics with family, employers, significant others. Participants in this workshop will gain a deeper understanding of the nature of crucial conversations; and how to prepare for the conversations, deeper understanding of violence enacted in these conversations which can shut them down. Participants will have the chance to learn, practice, and role play techniques for transforming conflict.

Come prepared to be in community with difficult conversations you have and want to have and to really actively engage with these stories in a new and unique way.

Facilitating Conflict

Have you ever needed to facilitate a difficult conversation or interrupt a conversation that has gone awry? This workshop provides participants with an introduction to how to facilitate and mediate conversations in professional and personal spaces. We’ll provide participants with ample space to understand why these conversations occur, your role in this communication breakdown and how to address it. Participants will have the chance to learn, practice, and role play techniques for transforming and facilitating conflict.

This workshop provides:
Tools for mediation and interruption
Dialogue Formats for having important conversations
How to facilitate Community Agreements process
How to facilitate Brave Space procedures


Interrogating Bias

The Interrogating Bias Workshop is a single day-long workshop that provides organizations, schools and community groups with tools to recognize bias and interrogate bias in the school, community or workplace. In 2014, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found that 83% of hate crimes are racial, religious, or relating to sexual orientation, this suggests an increasing tension between minority and majority populations. Research on implicit bias shows that often there is a gap between our explicit egalitarian values and subconscious stereotyping or prejudice against particular groups. This workshop allows participants who are curious about the depths of egalitarian values to explore. This workshop is designed to provide participants with real strategies to address and undo their personal bias.

The workshop provides participants with the following:
Understanding of Implicit and Explicit Bias
Ability to identify personal bias
5 Tools to address personal bias
Understanding of the impact of bias on societal level
Come open to explore your own bias and actively engage and explore authentically and vulnerably with others. Additionally this workshop asks all participants to take an implicit bias test during this workshop.


Crucial Conversations Microaggressions

The Crucial Conversations Microaggressions is a single day-long workshop. Have you ever experienced a microaggression based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender performance, sexuality or class? Did you feel like you had to the tools to address it well? This workshop provides participants with an introduction into microaggressions, how to professionally address microaggressions if you’re the microaggressor and microaggressed and provides a space to role play tools provided.

This workshop provides:
Introduction into microaggresion terminology
Tools for engaging with microaggressions
Come prepared to be in community with difficult conversations on microaggressions you have and want to have and to really actively engage with these stories in an authentic and unique way.

CERRU Spotlight

Innovation Exchange

Each year, CERRU brings together innovators in various fields to participate in a campus and community wide Innovation Exchange. Please join us for our fifth annual Innovation Exchange on Wednesday, November 2nd at 4:45pm in the Patio Room on the Queens College Campus.

Lunchtime 2.0

Lunchtime 2.0 is an initiative aimed at redefining the way we think of college cafeterias. Campuses across the US are becoming more diverse; however, not enough is being done to provide a mechanism for diverse students to engage and listen to each other.

Upcoming Events

CERRU encourages students to become cross-cultural leaders, faculty & staff to partner with us in your class, and communities to engage in our programming. Join Us for Our Upcoming Events!

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Our Impact

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