Trump’s First Year: Impressions Across the Political Landscape

November 15, 2017 @ 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Queens College- Patio Room
65-30 Kissena Blvd
NY 11367
Yael Rosenstock

One of the most crucial challenges to emerge in the Trump Presidency is immigration and immigration reform. Our most recent arrivals have been threatened by the spectre of a “wall” being built on the border with Mexico, a ban on travel for individuals from six predominantly Muslim countries, and the end of the DACA program under which many of them were able to study, pay taxes, and work legally in this country.

There is an opportunity, in the next six months before DACA expires, to do some deep and bipartisan introspection regarding what it means to be Americans, and how we relate to the latest wave of new immigrants crossing our borders. Is there a possibility that we will reach an agreement on comprehensive immigration reform, or are we doomed to attack each other from our politically polarized camps as DACA expires without any alternative solution insight?

Join CERRU for a memorable evening where we take the first steps towards uncovering immigration related narratives from across the political spectrum. We will hear from individuals who are lobbying, advocating, and also engaging in bipartisan work on the issue of immigration reform. We will look at current legislation that is in the house and senate. We will have a chance to do a “walkabout” in the space, where we will display various immigration related narratives from our community. Finally, we will have a chance to work together to imagine, and produce, our own innovative solutions to this pressing challenge. This year’s Innovation Exchange is the kick-off event to CERRU’s “Political Leaps of Faith” project, and also the first CERRU Innovation Exchange to be sponsored by our new “angel,” Susheel Kirpalani.