The Borough of Queens is often cited as the most diverse community in the United States, and Queens College CUNY reflects that diversity. Students trace their roots to 170 countries, and speak 110 different languages. Thirty five percent of students are the first in their families to go to college. Increasingly, there is no clear majority population on campus, and students are starting to identify themselves as multicultural, instead of as one specific demographic (Office of Institutional Research.)

While these demographics may seem unusual and unique now, they will not be for long. We are living in a country that has been moving towards increased multiculturalism. According to current demographic trends, by the year 2040 there will be no racial majority in the United States of America (Diversity Explosion p. 4.) In other words, sometime after 2040, the entire nation will most likely look something like Queens College.

If the entire nation might look like Queens College by the year 2040, then the college has a special mandate to serve as a “pilot for what is possible;” a model for what the country might look like if we learned to harness the power of our diversity for innovation and social change, rather than shying away from it and becoming polarized and disenfranchised. CERRU exists in order to work in partnership with the college to fulfill that mandate.

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Launch Party & Fashion Show General Interest Meeting 12:15 pm
Launch Party & Fashion Show General Interest Meeting @ Queens College- Powdermaker Hall 114
Sep 6 @ 12:15 pm – 1:30 pm
We are excited to announce our Launch Party is taking on a new theme for this semester-Harry Potter! Join us for our interest meeting at Powdermaker Hall from 12:15-12:45 pm. Social Identity Fashion Show Interest Meeting  Ever wanted to express yourself and your style through design or have you ever wanted to test your makeup skills? Join us for our interest meeting ...
Open Workshop #1: Crucial Conversations Introduction 12:15 pm
Open Workshop #1: Crucial Conversations Introduction @ Queens College- Powdermaker Hall 114
Sep 11 @ 12:15 pm – 1:30 pm
Have you ever been scared to have an important conversation with someone you cared about? Maybe it was a co-worker, family member, or highly trusted friend. Maybe you knew this would be an emotional topic and that you would disagree. The CERRU Crucial Conversations training will give you a toolkit for transforming these important and difficult interactions. Join us at ...
Launch Party Planning Session 12:15 pm
Launch Party Planning Session @ Queens College- Q-Side
Sep 18 @ 12:15 pm – 1:30 pm
Meet QC Sexploration! 12:15 pm
Meet QC Sexploration! @ Queens College- Powdermaker Hall
Sep 25 @ 12:15 pm – 1:30 pm
Join us during your free hour at Powdermaker Hall for our Sexploration and Information Group! QC Sexploartion and Information Group is a participatory action research project of CERRU that seeks to address a gap in sex-related programming by providing responsive and inclusive events and resources for students at QC.  

Upcoming Events

Innovation Exchange

Each year, CERRU brings together innovators in various fields to participate in a campus and community wide Innovation Exchange. Please join us for our fifth annual Innovation Exchange on Wednesday, November 2nd at 4:45pm in the Patio Room on the Queens College Campus.

Lunchtime 2.0

Lunchtime 2.0 is an initiative aimed at redefining the way we think of college cafeterias. Campuses across the US are becoming more diverse; however, not enough is being done to provide a mechanism for diverse students to engage and listen to each other.

Upcoming Events

CERRU encourages students to become cross-cultural leaders, faculty & staff to partner with us in your class, and communities to engage in our programming. Join Us for Our Upcoming Events!